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Here are some ministries we are planning or are currently doing for those that want to join.

Our Ministries

Here are a list of ministries that we are currently running and some we would like to run in the future. We are hoping to get some volunteers to lead this church into new heights. Through collaboration and with God's help anything is possible. If you would like to volunteer on any of these positions because contact us right away for an interview.

Kid's Ministry (TBA)

SUNDAY SERVICE: We are currently trying to build a children's ministry. A children's ministry is one of our top priorities since this is at the age where our children are influenced the most by not only others around them, but by what they learn also. Because of this reason we strongly believe that our children need to start learning the Word of God as soon as possible. It is the very Word that is breathed out by God who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bible Study (Prayer Line Only)

Our mission is to actively teach the Word of God. We at Community United Methodist Church believe in the final authoritative Word of God. It is the very Word that is breathed out by God and is used in everything we do. If you are seeking Christ in your life today, there is no better book in the world than the scriptures itself. Join us at 605-313-5111 Access code: 533793  as we seek to have a better and closer relationship with our Father through His Word who is Jesus Christ himself!

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Peace of Bread Ministry

Ronnie Fox who is also our musical musician also has a separate ministry called Peace of Bread that she'll do several times a year. If you have a yearning to feed the homeless then you can contact Ronnie Fox on her Facebook page. We will put a link down at the bottom of this description for your convenience. We appreciate any donations or time invested you can give to help feed those out there who need our help. God bless to you all!

Ronnie Fox's Peace of Bread (Click Here)

Worship Service

Anybody is welcome to join us every Sunday at 11 AM to WORSHIP our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It is also a place where we learn the Word of God and apply it to our lives to bring Glory to Jesus' name.

Food Ministry (TBA)

Every Sunday after service we come together in the fellowship hall to have a meal together. There is something special about eating together in fellowship. Enjoy food, music and even dancing every Sunday after service. Anybody is free to come and we try and accommodate those who are in need at the same time. We look forward in serving our community every week.

Healing Service

We serve a God that Heals. If you know anyone who is suffering from different maladies or diseases and pains, or suffer from physical disabilities and any kind of mental disorder we ask you to come in and receive the miracles that God has for you. God has been working miracles within our community and it has been absolutely AMAZING! Hear Testimonies and experience the healing hands of God for yourself and believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Test God for yourself, we will not only pray hard for you but we will also pray hard over those you know who are suffering. You can even contact us if you cannot make it on your own by going to our contacts page.

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